Asian City Individual ASIAN CITY ONLINE (BD) LTD. is one of the prominent internet service provider in Dhaka city And All Bangladesh . ASIAN CITY ONLINE (BD)LTD. is working relentlessly for making a concrete platform to provide internet facilities in this mega city. Considering the circumstances of people, we are here to provide you the top quality internet service. Here we give our packages. We will launch other packages in near future. So stay connected with us and gets the internet facilities at a comfortable rate...

15% Vat Asian City Corporate Shared.
Time Download/Upload Speed Pakeg Rate Validity
24 Houre 1mbps/1mbps Tk.600 .00 Permanth
24 Houre 2mbps/2mbps Tk.950.00 Permanth
24 Houre 3mbps/3mbps Tk.1300.00 Permanth
24 Houre 4mbps/4mbps Tk.1550.00 Permanth
24 Houre 5mbps/5mbps Tk.1800.00 Permanth
Asian City Corporate Dedicated.
Tmie Dounload/Upload Price Rate (Tk) Validity
24 Houre 3mbps Full Duplex Call For Price Permanth
24 Houre 1ombps full duplex Call For Price Permanth
24 Houre 30mbpsk Full Duplex Call For Price Permanth
24 Houre 100 Mbps or more Call For Price Permanth
NB: Timely payment your internet bill,You must be payment date 1-6th of month.Thank's to all people.